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We at AWAN are constantly evolving, keeping our products and services current and in-line with today’s market trends.

It is only natural that AWAN International General Trading is able to offer you a new product with the most viable and effective solution in the world to your paraffin wax related problems.


This new product is called AWAN PRA Oilfield Solution™AWAN PRA™ (Petroleum Remediation Additive) Oilfield Solution is a non-flammable, non-toxic petroleum / paraffin removal treatment for use in all phases of the oil industry.  Our product removes wax accumulation down hole, targets paraffin and asphaltene accumulations, returns paraffin to the oil phase of the crude and kills algae / mold all without lowering the BTU quality of the fuel.


Our staff will assist you with your particular inquiry and we look forward to providing you with cost effective solutions. Our mission is to help you and your teams solve and / or prevent your paraffin problems…forever!  This “Green Product” not only helps the environment, but also increases oil production rates and profit levels.


AWAN is currently seeking well owners and affiliate partnerships with E & P Companies worldwide (owners of wells, pipeline systems, oil storage / transport systems, oil servicing companies, etc.), and strive to become the centerpiece of their flow optimization, safety and anti-corrosion strategies.


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